Roca Industry shares debut trading on the AeRO market of BVB

ROCA Industry, through Holdingrock1, a holding company that brings together the manufacturers of construction materials from the ROCA Investments portfolio, debuted today on the AeRO market, the equity segment of the Multilateral Trading System of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). The shares will be traded under the stock symbol ROC1. Roca Industry Holding is part of ROCA Investments, a company that contributes to the amplification of companies’ potential, supporting them to develop business strategies that accelerate the growth of their value in the long run.

Roca Industry is listed on the AeRO stock market following a private placement held in December 2021, through which 4,500,000 shares were sold at a price of 10 RON per share, the company thus managing to attract from the capital market investors the amount of RON 45 million. The amount raised will be used for the development of the current subsidiary of the holding company but also for the acquisition of other companies in the construction materials industry in order to become the main local supplier for the main DIY store chains in Romania.

„We are delighted that Roca Industry is starting this year’s listings on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange. After a very good 2021 year for our stock exchange with 23 newly listed companies, 20 of which were on the AeRO market, we are starting the year 2022 strong and we can say “welcome to the stock market” to Roca Industry Holding. Sectoral diversification is important both as a business strategy and as an investment strategy, and the presence of players in the construction materials sector on the stock market expands these investment opportunities,” said Radu Hanga, President of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

„The Roca team brings Roca Industry to the stock market with a long-term promise: a behavior focused on bringing value to entrepreneurial companies, but also on consolidating values at the level of the Romanian organizational entrepreneurial culture. We are concerned not only about who we are and what we do but also about what we leave behind for future generations. At a time when we are witnessing a reversal of globalization and the world economy is fragmenting, local entrepreneurship is in the stage of regional consolidation. And the most complex form of consolidation and maturation is the transformation of the company into a public one. This stage brings not only access to alternative sources of capital but also an increase in the degree of governance,” stated Rudolf Vizental, CEO ROCA Investments.

„Currently, access to technology, to innovation, is limited only by funding. The technology can be accessible to any company, whether it is from Romania, Germany, or any other country, but it requires resources. When you manage to capitalize, based on an idea, an opportunity, you can have access to more resources, to technologies. Ultimately, your degree of competitiveness increases automatically. And in this context, I am pleased with the large number of companies that can come under the umbrella of ROCA Industry. We look at where we can come up with a contribution of know-how, to help companies to develop their processes, become better in their fields, build their commercial strategies, and enter new markets. When these companies operate under an umbrella, with a common interest and vision, we create synergies between them, which otherwise would not be possible,” added Liviu Stoleru, CEO of ROCA Industry.

The private placement and the listing were made with the support of BT Capital Partners.

„We are glad that at the beginning of this year the BT Capital Partners team comes with a premiere on the capital market, by listing the first holding company dedicated to the construction materials sector in Romania. ROCA Industry has ambitious development goals for holding companies and we are confident that the mechanisms provided by the capital market will support the holding company in achieving these goals. We wish them much success and thank them for the trust given to our team for the preparation and listing of ROC1 shares on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange,” said Daniela Secara, CEO of BT Capital Partners, the investment banking and capital markets division of Banca Transilvania, which brokered the private placement of ROCA Industry.

ROCA Industry currently comprises BICO Industries, the largest domestic manufacturer of fiberglass mesh and fiberglass fittings and one of the largest manufacturers in Europe, Sarcom, one of the largest manufacturers of paints and varnishes from Romania, and Eco Euro Doors (the transaction subject to the approval of the Competition Council), the largest Romanian manufacturer of doors for residential construction, with 27 years of experience on the market.

By grouping companies under the umbrella of a specialized holding company, Roca Industry (ROC1) aims to generate value by implementing a process of consolidation and modernization of Romanian production capacities.

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