Subway Romania posts 2019 financial results

Subway restaurants in Romania are among the busiest in the entire Subway network at European level. Last year, the average guest number of the 40 Subway units in our country was 74% higher than the European average, a result that contributed to the strong profit advance in 2019.

The tasty, fresh and varied menu convinced the guests of the Subway Romania restaurants to try as many products as possible, and as a result the average check value increased by 14% in 2019 compared to the previous year.

“2019 was an exceptional year for Subway Romania: the profit went up significantly, stimulated by the increased demand for our products, but also by the implementation of a new design in our restaurants, attractive and very customer-friendly. We have the best and most profitable market in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the most profitable in Europe, ranking fourth, after Iceland, Luxembourg and Lichtenstein. On average, the profit registered in the Romanian restaurants was 99% higher than the European average”, said Rumen Radev, Business Development Agent for the Bucharest-Ilfov area.

Last year, Subway Romania focused on optimizing its business, which led to an increase of the turnover, on average, with 18% compared to the previous year, while the gross profit registered an advance of 25% during the analyzed period.

“We will continue the plans of redecorating the Subway restaurants, after extending, in 2019, the Fresh Forward Décor concept in Bucharest, Pitești, Cluj-Napoca and Iași. It is our way of thanking our guests for choosing the fresh and tasty products from the Subway menu”, said Andrei Trifan, Business Development Agent for the areas outside Bucharest-Ilfov.

Subway Romania’s 2020 plans are aiming at both expanding the network, by opening new restaurants and optimizing it, by investing in the remodeling of the existing restaurants under the Fresh Forward Décor concept.

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