First court ruling favoring Romanian client to pay his CHF bank rate at the 2007 exchange rate

Buzau Court has ruled in favor of a Romanian client, allowing him to pay his bank rates for a credit contracted in Swiss francs at the exchange rate that as valid in 2007, when he loan was trusted. The court’s ruling is not final.

The Romanian based in Buzau sued Piraeus Bank branch office where he contracted a loan in Swiss francs in March 2007, asking to pay his rate at the CHF/RON exchange rate valid in March 2007. The man also asked to pay his rate in RON, but the court denied his request.

The bank is also compelled to pay RON 1,500 cost to the claimer.

Swiss franc rate announced by the National Bank of Romania (BNR) fell 0.8 percent on Tuesday to RON 4.4354, after registering successive high records in the last three meetings.

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