First Electric Car to Roll Off Ford Romania Factory Soon, Minister Says

The Minister of the Environment, Mircea Fechet, said that the Ford factory in Craiova will soon produce the first electric car. He mentioned that in 2016, 39 electric cars were bought in Romania, and in 20023 over 11,000 electric cars were purchased.

In Romania, at the Ford factory, the first electric car will soon be produced. It is extraordinary news for the environment, it is extraordinary news for the air quality in Romania and it is extraordinary news, I am convinced, for the Romanian economy in general. This does not only mean cleaner air, it does not mean that we will have less pollutants in the atmosphere, but it means that the money we make available, the amounts with which we finance the Rabla Plus program, will remain in Romania. It is extremely important that this money does not go abroad, often, whether we are financing photovoltaic panels or electric vehicles, we find that often the money does not stay in Romania or even in Europe”, announced Mircea Fechet, on Tuesday, in a press conference held at the Ford Otosan Craiova facility.

According to the minister, the number of purchased electric cars has increased in Romania. If in 2016, only 39 cars were purchased in Romania, in 2020 there were 2,400, in 2021 we had over 10,000, in 2023 we had over 11,000, overall more than 38,000 exclusively electric cars.

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