FirstFarms A/S Invests €6.7M in Irrigation for 1,300 Hectares

Danish agriculture group FirstFarms A/S, with holdings of 6,400 hectares of land in Romania, put into use an irrigation system covering 1,300 hectares, following an investment of 50 million DKK (approximately 6.7 million euro). On the irrigated areas, the company wants to grow soybeans, sunflowers, rapeseed, corn and vegetables.

“Romania is a stable engine in our business model and therefore it is important to make the necessary investments to ensure continued development and growth in this country in the future. (…) In recent years, we have experienced increasingly long periods of highly variable rainfall. This had an impact on both quality and yield. Therefore, the new irrigation system will have a great positive effect on our agricultural production. For example, this year we expect to harvest 15 tons of maize per hectare under irrigation. In 2023, we harvested 4 tons of corn per hectare due to limited rainfall,” says the company’s managing director, Anders. H. Nørgaard.

The system consists of 22 pivot irrigation units, each pivot having a length between 150 and 650 meters. The longest such units irrigate more than 130 hectares each.

At the same time, three pumping stations were built that lead the water over a distance of 100 km from the Danube. The pumping stations lead water to the pivots through 23 kilometers of water pipes. The irrigation system is powered by solar panels.

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