French company MBDA wants to assemble missiles in Romania

MBDA missile giant plans to produce missile components in Ploiesti, Romania, as well as to assemble missiles and provide their maintenance, after the Romanian staff is trained in the factories in France, if a contract is clinched.

MBDA has signed an agreement memorandum with Romarm, the Romanian ammunitions and armored vehicle producer and with Electromecanica Ploiesti, one of Romarm’s branches, through which the French group is to make components and create assembly and maintenance lines for the Mistrial and Mica missiles in Ploiesti.

According to the MBDA offer proposed to the Romanian authorities, the staff training is included in the agreement, so the Romanian workers will receive the documentation, will be trained in the factories and on site in France.

Romanians will be trained in Selles-Saint-Denises, a locality in central France where the missiles are assembled, but also in the production units in Bourges, where almost half of the employees are taking care of the mechanic productions, as well as in Paris.

At the same time, the French group intends to involve the Romanian students in the missiles’ fabrication system, proposing the Military Academy in Bucharest a programme allowing Romanian students to attend training sessions in France. The MBDA representatives also intend to approach the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy.

MBDA is the first integrated defence company in Europe and the only European one able to provide missiles and missile systems for each branch of the armed forces, whether in the air, at sea or on land.

Didier Philippe, MBDA vice-president said that the investment for the revamping of the Romanian companies in the missile production field would take 10 years if the contract is signed.

Based on the strategic agreement with France, we’ve got the consent to propose Romania assembly lines for the Mistral and Mica missiles, for the defence air systems and fir the army,” declarat Didier Philippe stated, revealing that MBDA proposes the cutting-edge Exocet equipment for the coast defence and Manpad launcher for the Mistrial missiles for the army, among others.

MBDA, Romarm and Electromecanica Ploiesti have signed a memorandum during the French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Romania.

MBDA is present in five European countries and USA, posting a turnover of EUR 3 billion last year, with a total of orders mounting to EUR 15.9 billion. Overall, the group is providing 45 missile systems and products. MBDA is owned by Airbus Group (37,5%), BAE Systems (37,5%) and Leonardo (25%).


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