GEFCO expands its cooperation with Groupe Renault and its brand DACIA in Romania

GEFCO, a global multimodal supply chain expert and leading provider of automotive logistics in Europe, signs agreements with Groupe Renault and DACIA to extend the logistic cooperation in Romania that has started in 2005 and never ceased developing since.

At the beginning on 2021, GEFCO and Renault Group strengthened their cooperation by extending their agreement for the Mioveni-Constanta and Constanta-Bucharest finished-vehicle (FVL) flows for a further three years, retaining the agreements on FVL to Italy and Belgium as well as allocating new flows.

To get the commercial optimization and synergy from the existing flows, a Monozukuri workshop has been initiated by the automobile constructor. The teams of Dacia, Renault and GEFCO worked together during multiple sessions. It has resulted in uniting the two flows – Mioveni – Constanta port and Constanta – Bucharest – into a round-trip and replacing the truck delivery from the port with a rail solution.

The latter has brought additional benefits in the form of the capacity increase – an essential improvement as cars, arriving at the port have to be picked up within the shortest time frame possible. With the rail solution, up to 700 vehicles can be picked up at once.

Finally, the replacement of 37% of truck transportations with rail has also led to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions.

“Working closely with our customers, listening to each other and appointing targets that are beneficial for all sides has proven to be the recipe of a success. We will continue reaching new horizons with our operational solutions of the Renault and Dacia cars logistics following  the trust given to us by the Groupe Renault,” commented Daniela MIDVICHI, Finished Vehicle Logistics Manager of GEFCO Romania.

In addition to expanding the business for the Mioveni-Constanta and Constanta-Bucharest flows, GEFCO Romania has retained FVL export flows to Italy and Belgium, where the cars are distributed to multiple markets. To facilitate these flows, GEFCO Romania dispatches three trains per week on average.

The logistics company was granted the operation of internal distribution flows from Dacia plant to the dealers in southeastern counties of Romania. The contract covers Dacia cars distribution to all the dealerships in Constanta, Tulcea, Braila, Galati and Calarasi counties.

“We are extremely proud to open a new chapter in the cooperation with the Groupe Renault. This growth is mostly about evolution and qualitative development. It’s about acting as one team with the customer and making the best of the resources we have to introduce optimization synergy effect and CO2 emission reduction visible on the country level. Most importantly, this development is the result of dedication, talent and professionalism of the teams involved from both sides,” stated Bogdan IONITA, General Manager of GEFCO Romania. “The fact that we also started domestic distribution of cars to the dealerships in Romania – this service will be performed by GEFCO for the first time in over 15 years – signifies that there are many more milestones to reach in our cooperation. And we are ready to continue the journey” he added.

In 2020 GEFCO Romania transported 105 000 vehicles for Groupe Renault and Dacia. It remains the leader on the Romanian FVL market, moving, on average, over 300 cars per day.

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