Generation Z entrepreneurs: 2 students invested EUR 5,000 in digital cooking assistant

Two young people, students and entrepreneurs, have launched a business that combines a healthy lifestyle with a gourmet approach to daily meals and passion for cooking. Thus, through, they deliver fresh ingredients, ready weighed and numbered, together with the corresponding recipe, so that anyone can enjoy meals like at a restaurant, at home. Entrepreneurs estimate that this unique concept will generate over 200 orders per month and a turnover of 65,000 euros after the first year of operation.

Vlad Cămărășoiu (21 years old) and Luca Oriță (20 years old), former high school colleagues who are currently studying business administration in Netherlands, respectively computer science in UK, took advantage of the changes brought by the pandemic in the consumption behaviour of Romanians and launched A destination for Romanians passionate about cooking, but also a busy schedule, who do not have time to shop at the supermarket, the site offers the possibility to order ingredients based on a recipe delivered with them.

The mechanism is extremely simple. You choose what you want to eat from a multitude of recipes on the site, for how many people you want the meal to be, and we deliver the recipe – which is designed and tested by professional chefs – and the ingredients already weighed and numbered in order of use. This optimizes the preparation time and avoids food waste, everything being prepared exactly for the number of people indicated by you. No time wasted looking for the perfect recipe, no trips to the supermarket, no weighing ingredients, said Vlad Cămărășoiu, co-founder of

Officially, the business was launched in September, after a period of implementation, testing and optimization of the operational flow of 7 months. The first orders appeared immediately, and currently an average of 50 orders are registered per month.

The available packages are Single or Family type and intended for 2, 4 or 7 days. Deliveries can be made every Tuesday or Saturday, and options include also vegetarian recipes. All are divided during preparation, and the level of difficulty is easy-medium, so that the recipes are accessible to any category of customers, regardless of their experience in the kitchen.

The busiest day so far is Saturday, and the most ordered is the Family Box package for 4 days, ie 16 servings. The most popular recipe is Poke Bowl, a dish with Hawaiian influences. On average, customers place two orders / month, and their average value is 250-300 lei.

Given the current context, our client is a person who values ​​the quality of his spare time, he wants to avoid going to the supermarket. The experience of cooking and the fact that you know exactly what ingredients you use, is what differentiates us from any other solution on the market. Food delivery and casual dining remain part of everyday life, but we also offer a way to spend free time in a pleasant way, aiming at a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that avoids waste, Vlad Cămărășoiu also specified.

For next year, founders aim to reach an average level of 200 orders / month and reach a turnover of 65,000 euros by the end of 2022. Entrepreneurs also want to expand the project nationwide, attracting for this step an investment that can support the development of the logistics system.


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