German automaker Daimler invests EUR 36 M in Cugir

Star Transmission, local division of famous German automaker Daimler, invested EUR 36 million in Cugir (Alba County) in a new manufacturing factory of planetary wheels for the 9G-Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission.

The new facility covers 11,000 sq m and creates 200 new jobs, a press release informs.

In the new unit in Cugir, Star Transmission has started the series production of four different models of planetary wheels for the 9G-Tronic nine-speed gearbox for premium segment. This type of gearbox is also manufactured in Romania, at the plant in Sebes.

“Within the Group’s sustainable growth strategy, the investments completed this year at Cugir targeted also the staff qualification in factories in Germany, but also the implementation of cutting edge technologies. An example is the equipment which monitors the noise made by the planetary wheel in the gearbox. The current investment in Cugir would mean an increase in several stages of the production capacity of planetary wheels. It follows the investment of over EUR 13 million made in 2016 for the construction within the same base of a new production unit “, the press release reads.

After the last year investment, Star Transmission became the exclusive supplier worldwide of the high-pressure pipelines for gasoline engines.

Daimler runs through the two subsidiaries in Romania – Star Transmission (Cugir) and Star Assembly (Sebes) – a long-term strategy for a sustainable development of the two communities, providing jobs to over 2,600 employees.

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