Gov’t prepares positive budget rectification in November. Which ministries will get more money?

The second budget rectification this year to be concluded in November will be a positive one, in compliance with the deficit of 2.96% of GDP, Finance Ministry announced. “The economic results up to the present make possible an economic growth of 6.1% as against 5.6% estimated at the first budget rectification. Therefore, the estimate nominal GDP has increased from RON 837.2 billion up to RON 842.5 billion,” reads a Finance Ministry’s press release.

As such, more money is to be allotted to the ministries of Labour, Interior, Transports, Health, Justice and Education.

Cuts will be operated at the Ministry for the Business Environment, for Public Finance, for Regional Development, Culture and Environment ministries.

The incomes of the consolidated general budget are up by RON 280.2 million.

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