Household prices for domestic natural gas remain unchanged

Household prices for domestic natural gas will stay unchanged as from January 1, 2015, at their current levels, the Department of Energy reported on Monday in a press release.

The statement came after the department received requests from privately-owned companies to postpone the liberalisation of industrial prices for natural gas.

The Department of Energy asked the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), the institution that oversees the natural gas market in Romania, for additional data to prove the need for postponing the price liberalisation.

On the other hand, partial or total delay of the liberalisation of industrial prices needs prior approval from the European Commission, says the release. Regulated natural gas prices for non-household users will be completely discarded in early 2015, while users will have to negotiate over the new prices with their suppliers until December 31, 2014, according to an order of ANRE chairman published in the Official Journal late this October.

All industrial consumers are forced to buy gas on the open market from January 1, 2015. CHPs supplying heat in centralized system would enter among these consumers. But ANRE has notified the Government to urgently approve an Emergency Ordinance draft to remove CHPs of consumers on the open market. Otherwise, there is a danger that the thermal energy price to grow by 28 percent up to 38 percent.

This September, the Romanian government has entered talks with the European Commission about delaying liberalisation of the countries natural gas market for two and a half years the deregulation of prices for household consumers. This would mean the end of regulated domestic prices by 2021, rather than 2018 as originally expected.

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