How many billions of cubic meters of gas does Romania currently have in storage?

Gas deposits in the country have exceeded the 90% filling rate, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă announced on Friday, saying that the population and companies will have at their disposal the necessary quantities of gas “to get through this winter well”.

Gas deposits in Romania have exceeded, today, the filling rate of 90 percent. We have 477 million cubic meters of gas already stored in excess of last year, i.e. 2.774 billion cubic meters of the total storage capacity of 3.07 billion. Romanians and our economy will have at their disposal the entire amount of gas needed to get through this winter well, regardless of what the weather will be like”, said Niciolae Ciucă on Friday, in a post on the government’s Facebook page.

He also said that almost half of the daily gas consumption during the winter period is provided by domestic production, and the rest from storage. “Of the 55 million cubic meters required for an average daily winter consumption, almost half is currently produced domestically, and the difference is covered by the quantities in storage. The evaluations show that there is absolutely no problem in the gas supply for the population, industry, business environment”, the post reads.

Romania has met its European commitment to have, on October 1, 80% of deposits covered with the required volume of natural gas.

The EU has also reached its goal of filling its gas storage spaces to at least 80% “well ahead” of the November deadline, despite continued disruptions to gas supplies from Russia, the EU responsible for energy, Kadri Simson announced these days.

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