How Much Does an Audiobook Narrator Make?

The digitization of the book industry and the appearance of the first audiobook platforms in Romanian have led to the emergence of a new profession on the Romanian labor market, which is becoming increasingly popular among actors and journalists: the narrator of books in audio format.

We have a portfolio of 70 narrators for now, and most of them are actors, radio journalists or journalists. An audiobook narrator earns between 200 and 500 euros net for each book read, depending on the notoriety he has, but also on the length and complexity of the book read. We noticed that many of them discovered a vocation in reading books and this activity became a passion for them, we were surprised how much time they devote to the new hobby”, said Dan Vidrașcu, CEO of Voxa, the first platform of audiobooks and ebooks in Romanian.

Voxa, the first audiobook and e-book platform in Romania, started producing the first audiobooks in Romanian at the beginning of 2020, when people were still staying at home due to the pandemic, and actors and journalists were receiving recording equipment at home. Currently, Voxa records books in audio format in the eight studios specially set up for this purpose and has reached a catalog of over 2,000 audiobooks in Romanian.

An audiobook is born in 45 days and includes several stages: choosing the narrator, scheduling the recording sessions, editing the recorded material (to eliminate pauses, possible noises or repetitions of the narrator), writing the edited material (listening to the recording simultaneously with reading the book of to an editor to identify mistakes), correcting the material, final editing and mastering the sound”, said Dan Vidrașcu.

The narrator of an audiobook is chosen according to the category in which the book to be read falls (personal development, business, fiction, literature, children’s books, etc.), and the editor Voxa decides the match between the voice of the narrator and the content of the book. It is also a prerequisite for the narrator to read the book before coming to the studio to familiarize himself with the reading.

Actor Șerban Pavlu, journalist and blogger Cristina Stănciulescu, actor Mihai Călin, actress Ilinca Hărnuț and journalist Raluca Hatmanu are among the most appreciated narrators by Voxa listeners.The longest duration of an audiobook in Romanian recorded by Voxa is 35 hours (the novel “David Copperfield” read by Iulia Draghici), and the shortest duration is the summaries of some books (for example, the summary of the book “Lateral Thinking”, narrated by Emilia Bebu, has a duration in audio format of only 11 minutes).

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