INS confirms: Food prices fall faster in online

Prices in the online stores have, in general, evolved below the inflation rate, in recent months significant drops have been observed in the price of food products, according to a research carried out by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) on prices in the online environment. This confirms the savings that consumers can make through e-commerce. The research was conducted over a period of three years (2020-2023).

“The National Institute of Statistics confirms what we have always said: online shopping means saving time and money. The study shows that not only the already traditional categories for e-commerce, such as electro-IT products or fashion, but also food, if bought online, can be found at lower prices. On the other hand, we see that these lower prices are being taken advantage of by more and more Romanians who have chosen to do their shopping online, instead of running from store to store for their favorite products. With quick access to different sites and price comparison tools, shoppers can find the best deals on the products they want, making sure they’re choosing the best prices for them. 

 In the context of macro-economic debates in the public space, the INS research reveals another important aspect, namely the effect of electronic commerce in combating inflation. Moreover, as more and more Romanian online stores choose to sell their products abroad, the sector will strengthen the positive impact it already has in balancing Romania’s trade balance”, said Cristi Movilă, president of ARMO.

Food products sold by online stores have seen significant price drops in recent months. For example, in May compared to April 2023, 1.5% fat milk became cheaper by 7%, 3.5% milk had, on average, a 9.4% lower price, and the price of oil sunflower decreased by 3.5%, according to the INS.

Price reductions continued in June, with milk at 1.5% fat by 4.7%, flour by 4.5% and sunflower oil by 3.7%. Other products measured by the INS, for which price reductions were found in the online environment, are apples, beans, butter, bread, cream.

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