closed the first round of financing, drew EUR 300,000 investments, the first platform in Romania based on AI that mediates sales of second-hand cars, closes the first round of financing and attracts investments of 300,000 euros from several investors. The seed funding round closed in less than a week and currently values ​​the company at €2 million.

The funding raised involved the sale of 15% of the shares and brought into the company strategic investors who will contribute to the development of the platform with know-how and specific expertise in several expansion verticals.

The funds raised will accelerate the scaling and expansion of the AI ​​model for automating and streamlining the car buying and selling process nationwide.

The investments attracted and the speed with which the first round of financing was closed reconfirmed the potential of, a unique platform in Romania. The dynamics of the financing process validated the vision and the results in the 4 months since the project was launched and provides the premises for accelerated growth.

The next steps for are aimed at growing the platform and popularizing the services among the target audience. The company aims to expand the network of partner dealers, while consolidating its position on the market. At the same time, the development and optimization of new functionalities will continue, in order to stay in the innovation zone and offer users a continuously improved experience. The company aims to maintain a monthly growth rate of over 30% in the number of active users on the platform

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