Interview: RobotHMI, ROPARDO’s innovative project that will change the industry processes

Interview with Ciprian Candea, CEO Ropardo.


With a presence of more than 20 years on the Romanian market, Ropardo IT company based in Sibiu has evolved together with the technology. An intense presence at this year’s IT fairs in Barcelona and Hanover, Ropardo is out in strength with an encouraging almost 50% increased turnover last year and with big innovative projects in the near future.


What would be, in brief, the history of Ropardo on the Romanian market? What makes you different from other software companies in Romania?

ROPARDO has been a proven player on the Romanian IT market since 1994 when it started as a technology company. Having evolved, today we specialize in custom software development implementation of complex software solutions, maintenance of software/IT systems, and full Oracle EBS and SAP consultancy for worldwide customers.

Starting with 2003 we have excitedly added to our expertise mobile apps with applicability in business, healthcare and industry.


With 2014 registering a timid economic growth, what did the past year represent for your company in terms of turnover, profit, investments in new services, etc?

If the economic growth as a whole was not spectacular in 2014, ROPARDO registered a 46% in turnover, but what we consider to be more important is the team growth by 15% where we include experts in other technologies than we used to work with. This is our most valuable investment that proves we went well, customers are happy, there were a wide variety of projects in a number of sectors. We can complete the scenario with our consideration for the community we lead our activity in, translated into different social and education projects.

Whoever is interested in following our diverse activities is invited to follow our news page at or our Facebook posts at


What are the targets for 2015? Are you planning new projects, new services added to the existent portfolio?

Our constant involvement in Research&Development means an “open source” for innovative projects. We have the chance to see how the great pioneers do it and we are happy to be part of the world’s progress.

Otherwise, as a custom software development company we are constantly adding new services and expertise to our portfolio depending on requirements. It comes natural to us to design innovative solutions based on specific needs and tastes.


Ropardo was one of the Romanian companies attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona early this month. What was the outcome of your presence at the famous fair? What are the trendsetters in the IT&C industry prefigured in Barcelona and what would be Ropardo’s input?

This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was exactly what it promised to be – the biggest yet. The IT word at the congress was ”biometrics technology”. Pioneers like Samsung, Apple and Huawei introduced smart wearables and smartphones that now go hand in hand to serve end-users needs, including those for controlling and monitoring parameters important for their general health or during physical activity. But of course this is only a part of the mobile world and is hard to summarize everything in just a few words.

As for ROPARDO, it is worth mentioning the applications we have developed for heart and respiration rate monitoring and for plantar pressure, as well as those for motivating teenagers to define and stick to a healthy lifestyle by means of serious games installed on their smartphones or tablets.

We also introduced successful mobile apps for businesses operating in a range of areas including logistic industry, distribution, information services, community portals, mobile web, social network integration. Our solutions with applicability in Sales Force Automation, Tourism, Health&Fitness and Automotive are integrated with full-cycle services.

Following the MWC event, real opportunities arose for new international partnerships within which we will develop other products both innovative and beneficial for users.


You are now getting ready for another major IT fair, CeBIT. What is your company’s offer for Hanover?

This year CeBIT is organized under the idea of digital transformation of life and society for which reason our focus is on our vitalized nearshore services. We will introduce digitalized solutions with applicability in Sales Force Automation, Tourism, Health&Fitness and Automotive integrated with full-cycle services. Our offering of innovative services is meant to help businesses decrease their costs, while improving their processes.


I am challenging you to a visionary quiz… on an innovation project that Ropardo would like to develop in the near future. What would be that revolutionary project or idea that could make the difference on the present IT&C market?

RobotHMI is an innovative project that ROPARDO is already working on, that will change the industry processes, as we know today. We will integrate new methods and technologies to create the next generation of HMI for Robots. HMI (Human Machine Interface) represents the user interface in a manufacturing or process control system. It provides a graphics-based visualization of an industrial control and monitoring system.

Our approach use advanced User Interface (UI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to provide a very high degree of flexibility as well as mobility and autonomy of the HMI system. Tools like industrial smart devices, smart glasses or augmented reality will also be integrated to ensure control and interaction of RobotHMI with the next-generation exoskeleton RoboMate (user-friendly intelligent light or mid-weight human-robotic exoskeleton for manual handling work in different industries).

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