Iohannis asked OMV to start offshore exploitation in the Black Sea as soon as possible

President Klaus Iohannis received, on Monday, at the Cotroceni Palace, a delegation of OMV Petrom, led by the general executive director of OMV and chairman of the Supervisory Board of OMV Petrom, Alfred Stern.

The Presidential Administration informs that the topics addressed by the company management concerned the activity and investment plans in Romania. Thus, with reference to the strategy of OMV Petrom, the main directions for the implementation of an ambitious investment plan were presented, including the production of energy from renewable sources, biofuels and the adoption of new technologies.

According to the cited source, in the context of concerns regarding ensuring energy security at the national level and efforts to adequately manage the effects of the energy crisis, President Klaus Iohannis emphasized that the energy potential of our country is a special one, but which must be supported consistently through investments of energy sector operators. Also, the head of state highlighted the importance that must be given to the energy transition, especially from the perspective of innovation, emphasizing the opportunities offered by European funds.

“The President of Romania stated that, given the current energy crisis and the existing risks, our country aims to use the entire energy potential and all the resources at our disposal, in order to successfully overcome the crisis and reduce the risks in the operation of the national energy system” , says the Presidential Administration.

The quoted source states that during the discussions regarding the company’s investment plans, the Neptun Deep project was a distinct topic.

President Klaus Iohannis reiterated the strategic importance of this project for Romania and requested the OMV management to start offshore exploitation as soon as possible within the perimeter owned by Romgaz and OMV Petrom, considering that the offshore law is a favorable one and is in force.

The management of OMV presented the status of the project and the key steps taken, assuming the commitment to adopt the final investment decision in the middle of 2023, so that the exploitation of natural gas from the Neptun Deep perimeter will start as soon as possible. During the discussions, a series of aspects regarding regional energy developments were addressed from the perspective of the impact of the energy crisis on the economy in general, but also on the business environment and the population.

The President of Romania emphasized the need for appropriate measures to reduce inequities and ensure the support that household consumers need, as well as the economy as a whole, to maintain competitiveness in industry and other sectors”, the Presidential Administration informs.

Amid discussions regarding developments at the regional level, the intention of OMV Petrom to develop large-scale projects in the Republic of Moldova was also discussed, an initiative welcomed by the president Klaus Iohannis, who stated that Romania is willing to provide all the necessary support to ensure a level adequate energy security in the neighboring country.

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