Israeli Firm Shikun & Binui Invests in Wind Farm in Dobrogea

A company controlled by the energy division of the Israeli company Shikun & Binui received the connection notice for a 376 MW wind farm.
The Green Energy Dynamic company received from Transelectrica the technical approval for connection (ATR) to develop a large wind farm of 376 MW in Constanța county, the Gold-Wind wind power plant, according to data from the transmission and system operator. The ATR was issued at the end of last month, and the estimated date of completion of the park is quite distant, the end of 2028.
The future plant, with a peak power greater than half of a nuclear unit from Cernavodă, will be connected to Transelectrica’s 400 kV network, through a new 400/110 kV station. Petreni-Cobadin, connected to the 400 kV Deleni station, with connection to the 400 kV Medgidia Sud – Varna and Medgidia Sud-Dobrudja lines.
Shikun Binui is one of the largest construction companies in Israel, established 100 years ago and having several subsidiaries, with activities also in real estate and energy. In 2018, diamond merchant Naty Saidoff, a former officer in the Israeli army, took a majority stake in Shikun Binui after making a takeover bid for the Israeli company that owns AFI Europe in 2017.
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