KADRA, a Romanian provider of automated access management solutions, joins the EMI Group

EMI Group, a top European provider in the field of industrial access solutions concludes a partnership with KADRA, the leading provider of integrated solutions for automation and access management in Romania. Through this strategic partnership, which positions KADRA, a company with over 30 years of experience marked by a constant focus on innovation in the field, alongside EMI, an industry leader, a leading group emerges in the access automation solutions market.

With an estimated combined turnover of 38 million euros and EBITDA exceeding 8 million euros for 2023, following the partnership with KADRA, the EMI Group becomes a regional leader in industrial access systems. The group gains a competitive advantage in the assembly and maintenance services, as well as a robust portfolio of new projects in the industrial-logistics and retail segments.

Thus, starting from December 1 2023, KADRA will join the EMI Group, which currently includes EMI Romania, Decran Belgium, and Access Systems Belgium and Slovakia.

This collaboration brings together complementary expertise, leading to a strong presence in the construction and services market. While the EMI Group excels in the industrial sector, KADRA complements it with expertise in the medical field, particularly in hospitals and clinics, along with relevant experience in integrated automatic parking management solutions.

Both companies will continue to operate operationally independently as separate legal entities, maintaining their identity and culture. At the same time, the partnership will enable resource optimization, enhance on-site technical presence, and improve the quality of solutions and services delivered to their clients.

Jérôme France, the CEO of the EMI Group is enthusiastic about this collaboration, which, from his perspective, represents a significant advantage for both KADRA and the EMI Group. “By welcoming KADRA and its founders into the EMI Group family, we continue to implement our strategy of consolidating our presence in the access systems sector. This collaboration aims to leverage the specific expertise that each company brings in its preferred field, with KADRA making a significant contribution with its 30 years of experience in providing access solutions for various sectors. We will continue to seek new partnerships in our traditional geographic areas, partnerships in which we offer operational autonomy to entrepreneurs, along with all the benefits of being part of a large platform of access automation solutions, fueled by significant resources and financial support from our partners at Innova Capital and Morphosis Capital,” commented Mr. France.

We see this collaboration as a significant advantage for both KADRA and the EMI Group,” said Octavian Fanea, CEO of KADRA. “It is an opportunity for our companies to combine expertise in the areas where each excels. We are honored to be partners in the EMI Group, which is becoming increasingly strong, has already transcended Romania’s borders, and intends to continue growing through valuable acquisitions in Central and Eastern Europe,” added the CEO of KADRA.

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