Labor market 2024: Number of Romanians who want to change their job is up. AI more and more necessary in recruitment

The year 2023 brought new records to the labor market in terms of candidates’ willingness to access new professional opportunities. More than 12.5 million applications were registered on the online recruitment platform bestjobs last year, 45% more than in 2022. And the number of new candidates registered on the platform exceeded expectations, with almost 700,000 new CVs added in the last year on bestjobs.

“The economic context of 2023 has massively mobilized candidates, who are looking for better-paying opportunities that allow them to live comfortably. The trend will continue in 2024, and companies will be increasingly selective in recruitment, based on the need for specialists and within the limits of available budgets. Candidates with job-specific skills and experience will benefit, that’s why skills development should be a constant priority for them”, says Ana Vișian, Bestjobs Marketing Manager.

And last year, industries such as Engineering, IT&C and Construction faced a shortage of specialists, and companies had to find solutions, either by in-house training of employees or by increasing recruitment budgets. Thus, attracting candidates with job-specific skills seems to be a priority for companies in 2024, as the bestjobs specialists explain.

Flexibility at work, increasingly important for employees

On the part of the candidates, flexibility in the schedule and in the way of working has become more and more important in the last year. Thus, 6 out of 10 employees declared in a recent bestjobs survey that this is an essential criterion in choosing a new job. Also in this direction, bestjobs specialists note a greater interest on the part of candidates to take on an additional job, part-time or project-based, in order to supplement their income.

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly penetrating the HR universe

In 2024, it is also expected that Artificial Intelligence will occupy an increasingly important place in the labor market. Bestjobs’ data shows that the automation of recruitment processes and the creation of intelligent tools will be a valuable support for both employees and employers, facilitating the finding of the necessary staff in a short period of time, with minimal expenses.

“In the new year, our mission, at bestjobs, is to simplify and streamline the recruitment process, keeping the same prices, to continue to support our partners to go through this period full of challenges. We continue to bring innovation to recruitment by investing and developing services that meet market needs, such as bestjobs LIVE, a unique service that we strongly believe in and which brings a more human face to the recruitment process, facilitating faster matching of teams”, added Ana Vișian.

Transparency of salary offers, increasingly popular among employers

If at the end of 2022, approximately 22% of job ads published on bestjobs mentioned the salary or a salary range, in 2023, their percentage approached 40%. “This is a significant progress for the labor market in Romania, which is quickly aligning with the Wage Transparency Directive adopted at the level of the European Union”, adds Ana Vișian. This will be transposed into national law by June 7, 2026, obliging employers to ensure salary transparency both before and after employment. In this sense, employers must take the necessary measures to align with the provisions.

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