Labour minister: There are 200,000 work contracts currently suspended, we expect the number to double

Roughly 200,000 work contracts are currently suspended, as many companies in Romania have halted their activity, said Labour minister Violets Alexandru. She added the number might double. The minister told Digi24 that the Government has the money to pay the technical unemployment for those employees who have their labour contracts suspended.

The emergency ordinance that regulates the technical unemployment is to be published in the Official Gazette soon, the minister announced.

“The Government came up with this measure to handle the sensitive issue of the employers who suspended their business and employees who had their work contracts suspended. There are companies who closed down-restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, all shut down as a preventive measure. These companies will obtain a certificate from the Economy Ministry. The measures are simple, there is no need for paper work now. Based on this certificate the employers will go to the county employment agencies to access the necessary funds- 75% of the gross salary of every person, it is up to 75% of the average gross salary”, minister Alexandru explained.

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