Law firm launches E-Crimes division specialized in cyber crimes, as a first in Romania

For the first time in Romania, a law firm launches a special division, called E-Crimes, dedicated exclusively to handling cybercrime cases. It is about the Albu Morar law firm, devoted to the criminal law of business, which will treat as specialization, within the new division, cases that have become more and more common in recent years: from the classic “phishing” to broader cases, which target large companies, related accounts or servers with confidential information.

“The most well-known cybercrimes are those generally called “phishing”, when people are tricked into either making certain transfers or providing information such as authentication data or confidential data from bank cards. Unfortunately, not only are the victims extremely numerous in these cases, but these are not the only cyber crimes that we face at the country level and that we have encountered. These are dozens of methods and cases, as serious as data theft, cyber-espionage, commercial fraud and the list goes on. Our new E-Crimes division is led by a team with experience in handling sophisticated case law and is an integral part of our generalized White-Collar Crime practice,” said Mihai Lemnaru, senior associate attorney at the Albu Morar Law Firm.

Among the services that the office offers through the E-Crimes division, both for individuals and for companies, are: counseling to prevent cyber attacks, the adoption of a crisis management plan with actions to be followed in case it is found that a cybercrime has been committed at the company level, the training of personnel responsible for IT security of companies, internal investigations in cases of cybercrimes, the defense of those suspected of such crimes.

The new division will be launched during the Bucharest Cybersecurity Conference 2023 event, which will take place between October 12-13 at Romexpo, under the auspices of the National Cyber ​​Security Directorate (DNSC), where the Albu Morar law firm is the sole legal partner of the organizers and will give a presentation in the panel “Navigating Uncharted Waters: Addressing Challenges and Ensuring Security in New Technologies”, as well as a Workshop addressed to those interested in the legal side of cybersecurity.

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