Macromex: 500,000 euros investment in B2B platform

Macromex, a player on the market of Romanian food industry in the frozen and refrigerated products segment, is investing EUR 500,000 by launching the e-commerce solution dedicated to HoReCa supply. The target for 2022 is for to attract over 2,000 customers and 40% of total orders and generating revenues of 10 million euros.

With 25 years of experience in the Romanian food industry, Macromex becomes a promoter of digitalization, launching the platform in October 2021. In the first three months, more than 2,000 Macromex customers signed up for the new platform, and 30% of them moved the entire online purchasing process. The result is an efficient supply process, with orders being placed 24/7. After more than two years and with an investment of 500,000 euros, Macromex has achieved a significant reduction in the cost of taking orders, 5 times lower than the similar process carried out offline.

It took us more than 2 years to get to the current form of the platform, but now is one of the few online supply solutions adapted to B2B commerce and, especially, to the particularities of HoReCa, offering a personalized experience to the customer and streamlining the entire procurement process, said Albert Davidoglu, CEO of Macromex.

The platform recently launched by Macromex has been developed to ensure HoReCa customers efficiency in placing supply orders at the right time for every business: the platform is the digital agent available to the customer 24/7, always providing up-to-date information about the products offered. The account is created quickly, the information being partially pre-filled by integrating with the ANAF database

Once the account is created, the customer has direct access to the actual available stock, updated prices, detailed logistical information (weight per product, packing per box, minimum order quantity, total weight of products added to the cart), help in calculating the cost per serving, respectively per kilogram, the estimate of the final value of the order, as well as dedicated assistance from an agent. also offers customers a good visibility on the financial situation, providing in real time the history of invoices, the current situation of payments and the planned day of delivery, depending on the customer’s geolocation.

“For customers with large teams, is a tool for easy management of the supply and control over all orders placed for each point of work. In the next period we want to customize in detail the experience of our customers, coming with offers dedicated to the type of business, whether they are pizzerias, restaurants, bistros, pastries, etc. In terms of functionality, the advantage of working with a specialized e-commerce platform is that we are always aligned with the latest technological developments in the field, optimizing the operational flow”, also explained Albert Davidoglu.

To date, most orders have been placed for the precooked products, meat, vegetables and fruit, bakery, and pastry products, followed by dairy and vegetable products. The average order is 1,000 lei, and the level of recurrence has been maintained with the transition to online, varying depending on the specifics of each business.

Most users are from Bucharest, followed by customers from Cluj-Napoca, Brașov, Constanța and Iași.

“The most appreciated advantage of our products is their level of preparation. That is why cleaned, chopped vegetables, pre-cooked or sous-vide products, bakery and pastry products are among the best-selling, bringing significant time savings, reduced losses, increased productivity, and require fewer human resources in any professional kitchen,” also explained Albert Davidoglu.

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