Major partnership in Romania to develop digital and automation solutions for legal, HR and financial departments

Deloitte Romania and Reff & Associates | Deloitte Legal Romania has teamed up with Druid, Future WorkForce and RPAbox, leading local companies in the field of digital transformation, to create technology solutions for legal, HR and financial departments, such as chatbots and solutions for automating repetitive and manual processes through RPA and proprietary natural language processing algorithms.

The transformation of the legal profession has already begun with the help of technology, which allows legal departments to maximize their efficiency, to reduce cost and risk and, more importantly, to free lawyers’ time from repetitive tasks, so that they can focus on the strategic ones. Deloitte and Reff & Associates have created a technology ecosystem to support such transformation. With our three new partners, we are expanding the boundaries of this tech ecosystem and we create a blend between legal and technology professionals, top developers of intelligent virtual assistants and best experience in automation of business processes,” said Simina Mut, Director, Deloitte Legal Centre of Excellence.

The solutions will be created and customized by the experts from Reff & Associates | Deloitte Legal Romania and the Management Consulting practice’s technology team, together with Druid, RPA Box and Future WorkForce.

Deloitte Romanian practice continues this approach by joining forces with local companies, leaders in their fields, which will allow for the creation of innovative solutions to help the Romanian business environment on its way to digital transformation, which has become an imperative in the context of COVID-19 pandemic,” said Andrei Ionescu, Partner-in-charge, Management Consulting and Risk Advisory, Deloitte Romania.

Druid is a company in Romania specialized in developing intelligent virtual assistants dedicated to complex enterprise processes. With the help of Druid chatbot authoring platform, Deloitte Romania will provide companies and public entities support in designing and implementing chatbot flows and governance programs, through end-to-end solutions for managing moratorium measures, legal and HR chatbots, easily deployable on multiple mobile communication channels such as MS Teams, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Slack or corporate webpages.

Moreover, Reff & Associates | Deloitte Legal Romania’s team will collaborate with Future WorkForce , oa company that has developed a proprietary natural language processing engine for Central and Eastern Europe, to create solutions for automating the review of legislative documents and texts. The team of lawyers will offer their knowledge and expertise in order for companies to adapt the solution to their own needs.

Within its partnership with RPAbox, one of the main robotic process automation companies in the country, Deloitte Romania will provide business process guidance for the implementation of a solution that can automate repetitive and manual processes in the legal and governance area.

These new partnerships add to Deloitte’s technology ecosystem in Romania, which includes the proprietary automation platform Processo, allowing companies to create business processes, decision models and integration points with legacy systems, as well as the digital solutions for financial institutions developed within the strategic partnerships with FintechOS.

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