MATCA Transylvanian Sanctuary, a new hotel project in Bucegi Natural Park

MATCA Transylvanian Sanctuary, an exclusive tourism and hospitality project, opens its doors to offer a unique experience of accommodation and relaxation amidst the untamed nature of the Bucegi Natural Park. Located in the town of Șimon, in Brașov County, near the Bran Castle, the new property functions as an independent boutique hotel, which welcomes its guests in 2 traditional Transylvanian houses, with 16 guest rooms and 2 private villas overlooking the Piatra Craiului Mountains and Bucegi Mountains.

MATCA Transylvanian Sanctuary reflects our vision, the team’s, and the founders’ about hospitality and the importance of sustainable practices in this industry. The name is inspired by the cycle of life and nature, where the queen bee rules and protects the universe. Similarly, we also see this place as a sanctuary where hospitality and traditions intertwine harmoniously, creating a truly luxurious experience,” said Ioana Dancanet, General Director of MATCA Transylvanian Sanctuary.

MATCA Transylvanian Sanctuary benefits, in addition to the accommodation spaces, from an event center with an area of 140 square meters, which allows different layouts for medium-sized events but also for small meetings dedicated to boards or management teams. The space is fully equipped with sound systems, an interactive multi-board, and dedicated Wi-Fi.

In addition, Natura SPA, a wellness center, offers tourists access to a heated indoor relaxation pool, a wet sauna and a dry sauna, a salt pan with salt specially brought from the Praid salt pan, and the Slănic Prahova salt pan, a jacuzzi, a cold pool and relaxation area, a restaurant, STUP, with a capacity of 70 seats at the table and a bar, Nectar, with a generous terrace. The gastronomic concept is meant to celebrate the local culinary culture, making the most of traditional influences, well highlighted in fine dining dishes, as well as local ingredients and products. Both the infusions of locally grown and dried herbs and the homemade snacks served in the restaurant and bar are regionally inspired.

“At MATCA Transylvanian Sanctuary, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing an unforgettable experience for every guest. This soul project, born from the desire to highlight the unique beauty of Romania, will continue to develop and prosper. We propose to expand our hotel complex by adding more accommodation spaces and enriching our SPA area with a variety of therapies to meet the needs and wishes of our guests, be they local or international.MATCA Transylvanian Sanctuary is more than a place of accommodation – it is a sanctuary in continuous evolution, an invitation to explore and reconnect in perhaps the most beautiful area of Romania,” said Bogdan Caluianu, owner.

The investment in the 9-hectare field, with a constructed surface of 4,000 useful square meters, was 7.5 million euros, coming from own sources and loans, of the owners, the Caluianu family, known for founding the Albina Carpatină brand in 1991. The amount covered both the construction part, as well as equipment and furnishing.

The owners worked predominantly with local suppliers and brands, which contributed to the creation of an elegant, exclusive and balanced space designed to offer relaxation and well-being. The architectural concept belongs to the architect Gabriel Georgescu, who, together with his team from Bucharest, created harmonious spaces, where elements and natural colors, wood, ceramic pieces and stone are complemented by traditional Transylvanian details, in bold colors.

The Matca Transylvanian Sanctuary building was built from scratch. She reproduced the exterior architecture of the house 21 Ocolul Măgura, within the ASTRA Sibiu Museum, using doors and hardware elements recycled from projects dating back over 100 years.

The Maramures-inspired fence was created by local craftsmen, and the gate was carved by hand, in Fagaras.

Matca Transylvanian Sanctuary is a promoter of local culture, a curator of Romanian crafts and art. Among the artists with whom the brand collaborated for the furnishing, are Angela Atelier, from Sibiu, who made and embroidered the curtains, Iulia Lavu, creator of knots, responsible for carpets and accessories, Anca Fetcu Lupu, the designer of lighting fixtures, or Alina Căpățînă, who made paintings from flowers collected from the MATCA Transylvanian Sanctuary field and dried for two years. The tableware used in the restaurant comes from Victoria Finală, a Romanian brand highly appreciated by gastronomy lovers in Romania.

The MATCA Transylvanian Sanctuary is positioned in the middle of a unique ecosystem that benefits from an extremely rich fauna that includes brown bears, lynxes, wolves, and a wide range of bird species, including golden eagles and owls. To protect and make this biodiversity thrive, there is a dedicated team that actively contributes to monitoring and protecting the local flora and fauna. Professionals trained in botany and zoology constantly research and assess the area to understand how each element of the ecosystem is impacted by human interaction and create the right context for cohabitation.

To fully enjoy this environment, MATCA Transylvanian Sanctuary guests benefit from local guides and foresters who can help them explore the area safely, both for themselves and for the untamed nature. Among the activities that the hotel complex has set up are hiking, mountain bike trails, and beekeeping activities carried out with experienced beekeepers.

In addition, those who want to relax even more can opt for SPA therapies in nature, such as hay baths.

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