EXCLUSIVE: MedLife – a true Romanian business model, setting the tone in the domestic private health services

Definitely 2015 can be considered MedLife’s year, with strategic investments, opening new clinics, entering new lines of business and recording good financial results.

Since the first day, almost 20 years ago, MedLife is very determined to keep consolidating its leading position on the local market of private medical services. Started as a family business, MedLife project was the idea of Mihaela Marcu Cristescu, primary pediatric physician, and subsequently increased sharply by her sons – the banker Mihai Marcu (photo) and the psychiatrist Nicolae Marcu.

Today, MedLife reached the Romanian brand stage, imposing itself as a 100 percent Romanian top business on a highly competitive local market. From where it comes this ambition?

“I felt that is a market and a brand with a lot of potential, we went in this direction and we proved that we can. Taking the turnover in 2004 as benchmark, MedLife increased by 60 times on all indicators, and I refer here to turnover, number of employees, number of surgeries a.s.o.” Mihai Marcu, President of MedLife’s Board, told The Romania Journal.

He often says proudly in the meetings with the press, and not only, that MedLife is a company with Romanian majority shareholding.

“We have Romanian managers, Romanian doctors… in other words is a company built by the Romanians, with Romanians and for the Romanian medicine. I think this is extremely important and because of that MedLife managed to become a leader in this field. It’s an area where Romanians have proved that they can achieve performance,” Mihai Marcu noted, adding: “I’m proud to be Romanian and I’m proud of everything we have built and developed in this country along with Romanians.”

He admits that 2015 has represented the most dynamic period in the history of MedLife regarding the development and expansion of the company. Thus, the main objective to strengthen its leadership position and also becoming the first healthcare operator with a national footprint has been accomplished.

“This year we have expanded to Timisoara, Cluj and Oltenia area, covering all the historical areas of the country, along with the cities where we were already present. In addition to the projects developed at regional level, we had an accelerated expansion in Bucharest too, where we have completed five major projects in 2015: a multidisciplinary hospital in Titan district, a new Hyperclinic in Berceni area, a center for neurosurgery in Ferdinand, a dental clinic in Unirii Square and a center for interventional cardiology and radiology in Grivita, the latter representing three completely new business lines in our portfolio,” President of MedLife’s Board added.

Additionally to the greenfield projects developed in Bucharest and the country, MedLife management started to make several acquisitions – some of them are already completed, others are ongoing and several of them will be announced at the proper time.

“With the completion of these projects, we believe that we will reach a turnover of EUR 100 million for this year, and there are important premises to exceed this value,” Mihai Marcu pointed out.

More than that, MedLife managers plan to expand the business abroad.

MedLife wants to continue to maintain the fast pace of development as part of its strategy, taking into consideration the stock exchange listing, which would be a first for the domestic capital market.

“In Central and Eastern Europe, MedLife is an important business in the region. We consider the stock exchange listing, which will lead the medical operator in the top 10 listed companies in Romania,” Mihai Marcu, concluded.



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