MedLife acquires digital wellness platform SanoPass

MedLife has announced the purchase of the majority stake in the SanoPass digital platform, one of the most active Romanian startups in the healthtech area, which offers medical, wellness and fitness services on a subscription and individual basis.

The transaction marks the continuation of MedLife’s strategy to integrate and strengthen medical and wellness services, developing an integrated system of services for a healthy lifestyle through medical prevention, sports and nutrition.

The SanoPass digital platform unifies and facilitates access to health and fitness, offering access to over 1,200 private clinics, both local and from large networks, and over 200 fitness rooms in Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Through this national network of partners, SanoPass provides medical and fitness services for 50,000 subscribers.

“The reality of recent years clearly shows how acute is the need for new models of medical and prevention service packages centered on the individual needs of patients and, at the same time, complementary to public and private health systems. The acquisition of the majority package from the SanoPass digital platform marks thus another important step for MedLife in the strategic direction of becoming an integrated provider of preventive healthcare, exercise and nutrition subscriptions, complementing the diagnostic and treatment services we already offer in the largest network of medical facilities nationwide . Our belief is that with the integration of this model at the national level, we will be able to contribute to an important improvement in the quality of life of patients in Romania. In addition, we strongly believe that sooner or later all these subscriptions and services should to become tax deductible because it is a key tool in maintaining health the population and in relieving the expenses of the public health system”, said Dorin Preda, Executive Director, MedLife Group.

Following the completion of the transaction, SanoPass will remain an independent business, and the management team will remain in the same formula, with founders Andrei Vasile and Delia Iliașa continuing their activity and development plans within SanoPass. For the next period, SanoPass aims to substantially expand the team and the portfolio of clients and beneficiaries, the company serving both individual subscribers and corporate clients, mainly SMEs that have between 10 and 250 employees. In addition, SanoPass collaborates with some of the strongest insurance companies in Romania, such as Generali, Metropolitan Life and NN.

“Since the beginning of SanoPass, we have had the vision of integrating the private medical system with the wellness system with the aim of opening demystification to end consumers and facilitating access to both categories of services. In addition, we are actively working on the integration of the third pillar of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and we believe that this new stage that begins now, with the entry of the MedLife group as a shareholder, will be marked by increasing market confidence in the potential new companies, of technology startups, as we are”, stated Delia Iliasa, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SanoPass.

Our ambitions related to international expansion remain and we are considering expansion, over time, at the European level. The med-tech side is the core pillar of SanoPass, and we will constantly continue to innovate, be present in the tech startup community, but also help integrate the latest ideas and technologies for the benefit of the patient and the condition for good“, said in his turn Andrei Vasile, Founder and Managing Partner of SanoPass.

MedLife announced 5 months ago the entry into a new business segment, that of wellness services, which complements the medical diagnostic and treatment services offered nationally, through the acquisition of the Sweat Concept gyms. The transaction closed last week, with plans for growth in this direction in full swing.

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