MedLife ticks new transaction in Oradea

MedLife, the Romanian private medical operator, announced the acquisition of the full package of shares of the companies from the Medicris Oradea group, the largest center of occupational medicine and related services in Bihor County.

Medicris has been active for over 20 years on the private medical services market in Oradea and offers outpatient medical services that integrate 9 medical specialties: occupational medicine, ophthalmology, internal medicine, ENT, psychology and others. Currently, the clinic has a portfolio of over 22,000 subscribers.

“This new transaction means a natural expansion of the portfolio of services for our patients and subscribers, Medicris Oradea being the largest provider of occupational health services in Bihor, to which are added several other related specialties. With the integration of the new portfolio of subscribers, we will be able to serve several local companies, coming to meet them with complementary services offered through the hyperclinic and laboratory we have in Oradea or the center of dermatology and aesthetics, DermaLife, inaugurated in beginning of this year”, said Dorin Preda, Executive Director of MedLife Group.

According to the company’s representatives, the Medicris Oradea transaction was carried out by Genesys Arad, one of the first companies acquired by the MedLife group.

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