MerchantPro Compass: the battle of discounts, won in Cyber Monday

The Black Friday -Cyber ​​Monday period brought 20% more sales and a 36% increase in the value of orders this year compared to the similar event in 2020, shows an analysis of MerchantPro, a platform that offers SaaS solutions for eCommerce and hosts over 1,500 of online stores. The most dynamic segments between November 12-15 were Fashion, IT & electronics, Home & Deco, Sports, Children’s items and Jewelry/ Accessories.

The most anticipated Green Roads Coupon and discount event of the year has brought spectacular results for stores that have organized Black Friday campaigns. Some online stores have preferred to limit the promotion period to one day, but most have extended the campaign interval to the entire weekend, until Monday, traditionally called Cyber ​​Monday. In fact, those who relied on the caution of Romanians in procurement had the most to gain.

The increase y-o-y at the level of Black Friday (November 12, 2021 vs November 13, 2020) was 10% in the number of orders, respectively 27% in value. The average basket increased by 16%.

The increase recorded on Monday, Cyber ​​Monday, was 30% in terms of orders, respectively 53% in value.

For almost two years, online jumps have consistently shown spectacular figures, a sign that digital adoption continues its upward trend. We see an effervescence not only from the final consumer, much more informed and cautious in purchasing, who analyzes the offers at market level before completing an order, but also from traders, who invest in features, optimized solutions and campaigns that places in the forefront in a dynamic and increasingly competitive online, said Arthur Rădulescu, CEO of MerchantPro.

Domain analysis: the stars of this Black Friday

In the top of the positive evolution were also the sports articles, where there was an increase of almost 70% in the number of orders placed during Black Friday 2021 compared to the similar event in 2020, respectively a doubling in their value.

Also, on the segment of products dedicated to children, there was an increase of almost 60% in the number of orders, respectively of 30% from the value perspective. However, the value of the average basket decreased in this segment, from 38 euros last year to 31 euros this year

The segments with tradition in Black Friday acquisitions, such as IT & electronics, respectively Fashion & Accessories, registered higher increases in the value of orders versus their number. Thus, at the level of stores selling IT & electronic products, 28% more orders were placed between November 12-15 compared to November 13-16, 2020, and their value was 58% higher. The orders on the Fashion segment experienced a similar dynamic, respectively increases of 46% in the number of placed orders, respectively of 58% in terms of their value

Home & deco remains an important segment in the Romanian online, registering constant increases in the last two years. The event dedicated to discounts was no exception, with Romanians placing 42% more orders in the weekend linking Black Friday with Cyber ​​Monday (November 12-15) compared to the same Black Friday period in 2020 (November 13-16), having a total value 49% higher than the previous year.

Increased budget from year to year

An increase that is maintained from year to year is the average value of the shopping cart, a sign that Romanians are allocating more and more consistent budgets for Black Friday purchases. Thus, the increase in the average shopping cart compared to the similar event in 2020 is 14%.

Despite the increasing periods of promotions and discounts practiced by online merchants throughout the year, Black Friday remains a landmark for both them and the end customer, who allocates a growing budget from year to year.  The percentages are not spectacular, but constant, anchored in the current socio-economic reality still marked by the pandemic context, which confirms the fact that Romanians move many of their purchases online, and not only at the level of consumer goods. The dynamics will continue on the same upward trend towards the end of the year, for the holidays, so most likely we will have a 2021 more oriented towards online purchases even than 2020, a reference year in business digitalization, Arthur Rădulescu also said.

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