Microsoft AI-102 and the Perks to Enjoy after Passing It

Do you want to cope with the industry’s requirements that are changing rapidly? Do you want to acquire the ability to deal with AZ-104 Practice Test , use Azure Applied AI services and Azure Cognitive Services? Do you want to be a professional in knowledge mining solutions and natural language processing solutions? Then here you go, exam AI-102 from Microsoft is the answer to all these questions.

About Exam AI-102 and Its Participants

The exam focuses on the candidate’s ability to leverage the services provided by AZ-500 Practice Test and testing purposes. As a result, the candidate is expected to participate in the whole life cycle of Azure development including AI solutions development, maintenance, testing, deployment, tuning of performance, and monitoring.

Moreover, the potential candidate for this test must be proficient in a programming language like C# or Python and use REST APIs to leverage the true potential of AI Solutions and build things like language analysis, knowledge mining, and intelligent search. Once the exam-taker passes AI-102, this individual obtains the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate certification.

Perks Enjoyed After Passing AI-102

After passing the AZ-900 Practice Test candidates can enjoy the following perks:

  • Relevant Knowledge Related to AI

The candidate, while preparing for this exam, uncovers the in-depth knowledge of different aspects related to AI, computer vision, conversational services of Azure, and much more. Hence, they are well-equipped with the knowledge of planning, building, and managing services of Azure related to AI.

  • Getting Recognition

Not only do candidates gain the necessary skills to call MD-100 Practice Test AI engineers, but they also earn proof of that knowledge by getting the associate-level certification. Adding it to their resumes, candidates become noticeable to their potential employers or eligible for career growth in the organizations they are working in. They are also recognized as a potential resource to work with IoT engineers, AI engineers, and solution architects.

  • Better Salary

The candidates that take the MS-100 Practice Test to pave their way into the AI field. These candidates usually work as an Azure AI Engineer that collaborates with data scientists, AI engineers, IT professionals, and other individuals to create an end-to-end AI solution and maintain it. As a result, these professionals are highly in demand. The average pay of Azure AI engineers can go up to $134,271 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.

  • Continuous Growth

After attempting this exam, candidates acquire the skills required for an intermediate-level AI engineer. From there, they can continue to grow and become an expert in their field due to the clear fundamentals and structured knowledge acquired through a tech giant like Microsoft. Thus, they can gain the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification and after that opt for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert designation.


Since the demand for professionals with AI capabilities is on the rise, passing the AI-102 exam and getting certified as an AZ-400 Practice Test will bring you a number of perks to enjoy. Passing this exam will help you exceed your peers by acquiring valuable skill sets that will not only make you proficient in the AI field but will also help you grow as a professional.

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