Monitor of consumer goods prices, available next year

The government approved on Wednesday a memorandum on creating a system for monitoring consumer prices, which will be implemented next year, said Thursday President of the Competition Council, Bogdan Chiritoiu in a press conference. The project aims to create an online platform to display product prices weekly as part of population’s consumption basket. The objectives of the project are on the one hand to inform the consumers which will be able to compare the prices and find stores from where they can buy basic food at low prices, and on the other hand falling prices due to increased competition between stores.

The pilot project will be implemented between March 1 – December 31 2015 with state budget financing, following the conclusion of this period to achieve financial support from European funds.

The Competition Council said a similar project was developed by the Greek Government, through the Ministry of Commerce and, after three months of implementation, it resulted a price degrease by 7 percent.

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