More than half of the Romanian expats want to invest on domestic market, study reveals

56 percent of Romanian emigrants want to invest on the domestic market, especially in tourism and agriculture, but corruption is still an obstacle, according to a study commissioned by RePatriot and conducted by Open-I Research.

The most interested to come back home are Romanians from Italy (68 percent) and the UK (63 percent), at the opposite pole being those in Germany and the United States (43 percent).

”An interesting trend in the context of Brexit can be seen at the Romanians in the UK, who want to invest in Romania, most of them wanting to start a business here (56 percent). Romanians living in the diaspora with experience in the business environment are the most suitable catalyst for attracting new Romanian and foreign investments,” said Claudiu Vrinceanu, one of the leaders of the RePatriot project.

For Romanians wanting to return, the main reason is to find their “nest” (68 percent say they want to be “home again”). Very promising is that 47 percent of them want to do something for Romania and 39 percent want to start a business in the country.

43 percent of Romanians in the diaspora surveyed estimate that in the coming years things will improve in Romania, and 26 percent believe that things will get worse.

Of the Romanians who do not want to return to the country (43 percent of Romanian expats), 82 percent say that the main reason is corruption and 70 percent – the political class.

If these issues would improve, along with improving the health system and reducing bureaucracy, they would consider repatriation.

71 percent have transferred money in the last 12 months (the highest percentage is recorded for emigrants in Spain, 78 percent).

The study of Romanians in the diaspora was initiated in August 2017. The questionnaire was completed online by 1,192 Romanians emigrated to countries like Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany.

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