New CEO of Chimcomplex appointed

Chimcomplex announced a strategic transition in its executive leadership. Stefan Vuza, President and CEO of the company, has chosen to dedicate his energy and strategic expertise to expanding the company regionally as a member of the Board of Directors, relinquishing his CEO position.

I have made an important decision for the future of Chimcomplex after a one-year tenure as CEO, with the goal of ensuring continuity and development of the company’s activities in an unstable socio-economic context. I have achieved our set objectives, adapted to the challenges of the day, Chimcomplex is well-prepared to continue its success story and make significant contributions to our industry. Five years after the acquisition of Oltchim’s assets, my consistent message is that we need to evolve. The present is highly promising, and my role will be to boldly lead the significant regional investments of the CRC Group,” said Stefan Vuza, Chimcomplex President.

Starting from November 1, 2023, Chimcomplex appoints Florian Staicu as the interim CEO. Florian Staicu, who previously held the position of Chief Operations Officer at Chimcomplex, is a well-known presence in the company’s management team. He will lead the company for the next six months, ensuring that the strategic objectives are firmly supported.

“With confidence and respect for Chimcomplex’s legacy, I am honored to accept the challenge of serving as the Interim CEO. Alongside the extended team, we will continue to develop Chimcomplex as a top regional player. Stefan Vuza laid the foundation for this transformation, and we will continue on the path he has opened. With his support, we are confident that Chimcomplex will evolve and achieve remarkable results. This is a commitment we make to our customers, partners, and the communities in which we operate,” stated Mr. Florian Staicu, Chimcomplex Interim CEO.

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