New Highway: Open Traffic on the Missing A3 Section from Târgu Mureș to Cluj-Napoca

Road traffic on the Autostrada Transilvania will be opened on Thursday, from 15.00, on the practically missing last section between Târgu Mureș and Cluj-Napoca. The 15.7 km highway sector between Chețani and Câmpia Turzii will be inaugurated almost 8 months ahead of schedule, a new “national record” in terms of anticipated inaugurations.

Traffic on the A3 Chețani – Câmpia Turzii sector will open on Thursday, after 3 p.m., announced the head of CNAIR, Cristian Pistol.

From that moment, drivers will practically be able to drive uninterrupted on the highway near Târgu Mureș (Airport area) until after Cluj-Napoca, at Nădășelu in the north-west of the city.

The inauguration of a highway section almost 9 months before the contractual deadline would mean “a national record”, as the Pro Infrastructure Association recently appreciated. The former Secretary of State for Transport, Horațiu Cosma recalls that this project, however, was initially worked on since 2017, but that in 2021 the construction site was blocked “only at 40%, and the builder insolvent”. “Cătălin Drula “cut the losses”, terminated the contract and urgently auctioned the works again. Two years later, the construction site is on its last hundred meters. It will open next week and allow continuous traffic on the highway from Tg. Mureș to Cluj, Alba Iulia, Sibiu or Deva”, says Cosma. The association STRABAG SRL – GEIGER TRANSILVANIA SRL started the works at the beginning of the year, after a period of several months for the design. The contract was signed on October 26 for about 420 million lei, with the start order coming at the end of November. The contract term is 3 months for design and 18 months for execution – specifically, the completion date is August 2024.

The initial contract of around 280 million lei with the Romanian company Straco was terminated in March 2021, six years after signing, because the construction company entered insolvency, and in 2021 the physical stage was slightly below 40%.

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