New opportunities for Romanian entrepreneurs: convenient delivery service from China and customs clearance

Romanian entrepreneurs can save time, nerves, and money with The M3Cargo service.The company offers delivery of cargo from China and all customs clearance operations on a turnkey basis, transparently calculates the cost of services, and accompanies the client at every stage of the agreement.

M3Cargo is a European company that has been successfully operating on the Ukrainian market since 2011. Its permanent partners are small and medium-sized businesses that purchase goods, raw materials, and equipment in China. Over 1,000 entrepreneurs used the service in 2021 alone. Customers show their commitment with the highest level of trust — they recommend M3Cargo to business partners and friends. That is why, 30% of cooperation takes place by recommendation, and more than 80% of customers repeat orders from China.

Why should you work with M3Cargo?

M3Cargo is chosen for its convenient service. The entrepreneur focuses on developing his business. While other tasks, such as the audit of purchases, quality control of goods before shipment, the safety of sea transportation, and official customs clearance, are transferred to a team of specialists. Cooperation with M3Cargo delivery service allows you to reduce the cost of goods (through direct purchases), buy only high-quality products, and not worry that something will go wrong.

In addition, the entrepreneur receives:

  • A fixed cost that does not change during the contract because there are no “hidden” payments;
  • Checking the goods for defects (if necessary);
  • Transportation of cargo of any volume. With the help of groupage shipments of M3Cargo, you don’t have to pay for the entire container or think of how to fill it. You pay only for the volume of your order.

Our employees speak Chinese and English, and the company has warehouses in Shenzhen, Ningbo, and Iu, as well as on-site agents to inspect the quality of goods before loading. For 10 years in the industry, we have set up the service so precisely at every stage that we are responsible for cargo safety at our own expense. M3Cargo guarantees the terms of delivery and storage of goods. If there is a delay, we pay compensation for each delayed day. We also guarantee a refund of the value of lost or damaged products during transportation.

How does cooperation take place?

Let’s look at the example of the owner of the sports goods shop on OLX, Radu. He buys sports equipment from China from a Romanian supplier. Recently, he decided to optimize investments and reduce the cost of goods. Radu found the same simulators at a lower price on the website. But he began to doubt: what their price would be in the warehouse in Bucharest and whether the product would be of adequate quality. There is a desire to try, but at the same time, he does not want to take risks. Radu is ready to order a small batch. Still, there is also a problem here — they say it makes delivery less profitable because the larger the volume, the lower the price.

Radu appeals to M3Cargo managers at this stage, and the situation moves from the dead point. When cooperating with us, the customer chooses the goods he wants to bring from China. We provide a convenient and efficient service. Therefore, Radu fully delegates the process: from placing an order to documentation for customs clearance. A personal manager is always in touch, ready to update information about the product and answer all questions. In addition, the M3Cargo client always has a clear price for the service, which does not change during the contract.

What we do at M3Cargo:

  • Contact a supplier in China;
  • Agree on delivery to the nearest M3Cargo warehouse;
  • Check the quality of goods and packing on the spot (if necessary, go to the factory in China and make an inspection of the goods);
  • Consolidate the cargo together with other orders in a container and send it to Romania;
  • Accept goods at the point of destination, carry out customs clearance;
  • Deliver to the doors of the warehouse in Romania.

While the cargo is being transported by sea, the entrepreneur can track its location at any time using the unique tracking number on the website. The cargo movement is visualized on the interactive map, as well as the flight number, loading date, date of departure from China, and date of arrival are recorded.

As a result, Radu was engaged in tasks that required his direct participation. The organization and control of cargo delivery passed almost on autopilot – thanks to the well-established M3Cargo service. In addition, our customer saved more than 25% on the cost of sports simulators, did not overpay for the entire container volume, and received his goods on time. And continued cooperation with M3Cargo!

What do you need to know before starting purchases in China?

The M3Cargo team knows everything you need and will gladly advise you before starting cooperation. In addition, you will be assigned a personal manager who is always ready to answer any questions. Like you, we value certainty, so we individually calculate the cost of delivery and customs clearance of goods. Contact us in any way convenient for you, we always respond quickly.

We will be happy to help optimize your business and ensure an excellent international purchasing experience!

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