443,000 nonresident tourists visited Romania in Q1, spent RON 1.293bn

Almost 443,000 nonresident tourists arrived in Romania in the first quarter 2019, they spent RON 1.293 billion, the National Statistics Institute (INS) informs on Friday.

“The overall number of nonresidents accommodated in the tourist accommodation facilities in Q1 2019 was of 443,700, their expenditures amounting to RON 1,292.6 million. On average the nonresident tourists spend RON 2,912.9 per capita,” INS further informs.

The main reason for the trips was business (including attending congresses, conferences, classes, fairs) – 60.7%, with expenditures representing 64.4% of the total. Of the overall expenditures, the main share was for accommodation (50.4%).

39.3% of the nonresident tourists paid private visits, mainly for holidays (64.2%) and for visiting relatives and friends (10.5%).

The expenses in restaurants and pubs represented 17.3% and those for shopping 11.6%.

Of the total number of non-residents arrived in Romania, 44% organized their stay through travel agencies, and 38.3% came on their own. The main means of transport arrived in Romania by airplane – 85.1%.

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