Agriculture Minister Petre Daea denies having inflated figures regarding crops in the past two years

The European Commission has requested Romania to review the statistics in the past years regarding the cereals crops, mainly maize. As reported by ‘Romania Journal’ the figures are questioned given that they are higher than the ones in 2016, although the cultivated area is smaller.

The maize crop in Romania has grown in the past two years by 8 million tons, i.e. by 70%, although the maize cultivated area has decreased from 2016 to 2018, reports.

Agriculture Minister Petre Daea said for Digi 24 TV private broadcaster that the request was sent by Brussels, but claims no figure has been changed.

“Come on… be good. There are communications between us, usual exchanges on the informational service. The figures are sent in stages. Our figures are signed, they certify what happened there is no problem, these are different interpretations on this issue between us and the European Commission. (…) The crops honor Romania and the Romanian farmers. It is not about to review the statistics, it is about agreeing on the information cyclically delivered by Romania,” Petre Daea said.

He mentioned the stocks, as the information about the stocks in 2018 is delivered at the end of 2019 and that corrections are operated on yearly basis.

In 2018, out of the economic growth of 4.1%, 0.4% was made by the higher agricultural production.

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