Competition Council wins lawsuits against companies sanctioned for rigged auctions organized by Transgaz

The Competition Council has won all lawsuits against companies sanctioned for faking two auction held by Transgaz. The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) has irrevocably confirmed sanctions imposed in 2012 by the Competition Council to SC TMUCB SA and Moldocolor, Condmag and Moldocolor, Condmag and Inspet.

Previously, the Appeals Court upheld the Competition Council’s decision, reason for which the four companies have appealed to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, which dismissed them as unfounded.

The Competition Council sanctioned companies Condmag and INSPET for anticompetitive deal consisting in participation to rigged bids for public procurement procedure “Butimanu-Brazi gas connection for gas supply of Brazi cogeneration plant” organized by Transgaz SA in 2009. Condmage was fined RON 4,548,658 (aprox.4% of turnover in the 2011 financial year), and SC INSPET SA with RON 7,296,204 (4% of turnover in financial year 2011). Also Moldocolor SC and SC TMUCB SA were fined RON 2,235,028 (EUR 500,000), respectively RON 11,384,975 (EUR 2.5 million) for reaching an agreement in order to participate with rigged bids to the procedure of public procurement “Gas transmission pipeline Giurgiu Ruse”, organized in 2011.

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