Court of Auditors: Bucharest Municipalities spent during 2007-2014 some EUR 600m for the maintenance of green spaces

Bucharest Municipalities spent during 2007-2014 about RON 2.7 billion (EUR 600 million) for the maintenance of green areas, according to an audit conducted by the Court of Auditors, reports. Of this amount, the Lakes, Parks and Recreation Administration subordinated to the Bucharest City Hall spent RON 260 million, the District 1 City Hall – RON 354 million, District 2 City hall – RON 232 million, District 3 City Hall – RON 914 million, District 4 City Hall – RON 552 million, District 5 City Hall – RON 88 million and District 6 City Hall – RON 311 million.
In addition, as compared to 2007, the expenditures on this chapter have doubled in 2014 from RON 202 million to RON 450 million.
The inspectors of the Court of Auditors found that the capital city has no strategy and no cost standards regarding allocations for the maintenance of green areas.
Although some audited institutions have developed and adopted programs and strategies that should stand as basis for substantiating the budget expenditure planning for green spaces, these ones have not achieved their aim in the absence of establishing and monitoring the performance indicators.
In addition, the Court of Auditors inspectors found out that after the outsourcing of services for cleaning parks, the costs have risen dozens of times as compared to the period when the service was conducted by the city hall.

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