EU Commissioner Cretu: Romania’s GDP, 2.1 pc higher by 2023, due to Cohesion Policy investments


Romania’s GDP will be 2.1 percent higher by 2023 due to Cohesion Policy investments, European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Cretu said, according to the European Commission Representation in Romania.

According to her, over the past decade, the Cohesion Policy investments directly created in Romania 40,000 jobs, modernized over 27,000 km of roads and supported 560 research and innovation projects.

”This demonstrates the need for post-2020 cohesion policy to remain the strongest investment instrument for all regions, as no one is immune to the future shocks of globalization, technological change and economic crises,” EU Commissioner explained.

She argues that the 7th Cohesion Policy Report of the European Commission analyses Europe with a magnifying glass, from multiple points of view, meaning regional GDP, investment, innovation, governance, migration, energy, urban issues.

According to Corina Cretu, the report also shows that Cohesion Policy has helped Member States and local and regional authorities during the crisis that Europe has passed through, thanks to the long-term, stable and predictable investment of this policy in all Member States.


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