EUR 3.2bn from the EU for Romanian agriculture in 2017, Minister Daea says

Agriculture Minister Petre Daea has said on Thursday, at the National Agricultural Fair in Braila, that Romania could receive by year-end about EUR 3.2 billion for agriculture from the European Union.

“Out of the European fund for land, Romania has accessed 99.02%. It’s unprecedented. Also unprecedented is the fact that we have accessed from the EU the funds for Romania and we hope that, by the end of the year, to be able to access for Romanian agriculture amounts of EUR 3.2 billion. The money is for farmers and for the rural areas; it’s aimed at improving the Romanian villages and to increase the crops so that farmers have higher revenues and a reasonable financial comfort,” Minister Daea said, informs.

He said that it is for the first time, in 2017, that the agricultural subsidies have been granted in due time and also for the first time when the requests for subsidies have been submitted until May 15 for the next agricultural year (2017-2018).

“We are the only EU country to have concluded this operation on May 15. The other countries have requested extensions,” the minister said.


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