European funds absorption target is 9pc, next year we target 26pc, minister says

Delegate Minister for European Funds Rovana Plumb said on Friday, in Petrosani, that the target set for this year for the absorption of European funds is EUR 5.2 billion, or 9% of the total available amounts for Romania, and for 2018 it would be 26%, which means doubling the value in absolute figures.

“The goal we have set for 2017 is to get EUR 5.2 billion. These consist of EUR 1.9 billion in cohesion policy funds and the difference is on direct payments, the second pillar of cohesion policy of the EU Development-Common Agricultural Policy (…) For next year, the target is 26%, which means doubling the amount (against 2017),” the Minister for European Funds said.

The government official said that in order to increase the European funds absorption rate, the ministry has initiated a caravan that will travel to all regions of the country and will provide advice to facilitate access to this kind of non-reimbursable funding.

Minister Rovana Plumb was in Petrosani on Friday to sign a contract worth EUR 90 million with the regional water operator SC Apa Serv Valea Jiului SA, through which part of the water and sewerage infrastructure in the Jiu Valley will be rehabilitated by 2023.

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