GDP up by 4.3 pc in Q1. Salaries increased in April

The estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the first quarter of 2016 was of over RON 150 billion in current prices, up in real terms by 4.3% against Q1 2015, according to preliminary data released on Tuesday by the National Statistics Institute (INS).

The estimated GDP for Q1 2016 amounted to RON 150,027.1 million in current prices.

According to INS, a negative contribution to GDP growth had the net exports (-3.4%), owing to a 1.2% growth of the exports of goods and services related to a significantly higher growth of imports of goods and services by 8%.

As compared to Q4 2015, the GDP in Q1 2016 was, in real terms, higher by 1.6%.

The average net salary reached in April the level of RON 2,086 (approx. EUR 464), up from the previous month by RON 35 (1.7%), the highest earnings were registered in the information technology field, including computer service activities (RON 5,342) and the lowest in hotels and restaurants (RON 1,169), INS also informs.

At the level of gross earnings, it reached in April RON 2,879, up by 1.8% against March 2016.

As compared to April the previous year, net nominal average earnings increased by 12.3% and the real earnings index against the same period last year was of 116.1%.


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