New cars sales – the highest level in the past ten years

The new cars sales have reached the highest level in the past ten year, up by 35% against the same period last year, while the sales of imported second-hand cars has fallen by 8% against last year, but remains strong, with volumes 3.5 times larger than the new cars, informs.

The analysis was conducted on the basis of figures provided by the Directorate for Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration Regime (DRPCIV).

The sales of new cars reached 106,000 units in the first three quarters of 2018.

In July more than 15,000 new cars were registered. The sales fell in September against August due to the new WLTP consumption norms.

The number of re-registered cars (sales of second-hand cars sold on the domestic market) have exceeded 50,000 units per month.

The sales of imported second-hand cars under 7 years have increased by 27.3% (less pollutant) and the sales of the ones older than 12 years have decreased by 24%.

Over 40% of the cars put up for sale are manufactured after 2014 and only 1% are older than 2000.

The most looked for price segment is the one between EUR 5,000-EUR 10,000.

The sales are dominated by diesel vehicles – 4.5 times higher than the cars running on petrol, the same source informs.

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