Ponta’ staying as PM leads euro to last four months peak

National Liberal Party’s motion of censure against Ponta Cabinet vetoed on Friday’s plenary, produced effects on the currency market, as expected. Thus, after Parliament’s plenum decided PM Ponta to stay in power, there have been new moves on the exchange market.

National Bank of Romania (BNR) announced a reference rate of RON 4.4696/euro, reaching the last four and a half months’ maximum and was close to RON 4.47 threshold.

Euro stood to RON 4.46 for the fifth consecutive session. It’s the highest level of the euro against national currency since January, 27 2015 when BNR announced a reference rate of RON 4.4709.

The US dollar increases to RON 4, compared to yesterday’s rate announced by the central bank – RON 3.96. American currency started the week at RON 4 level, but it has weakened in the coming days and arrived Wednesday at the rate up to RON 3.95.

In its turn, the Swiss franc rose to RON 4.27 compared to RON 4.23 the official exchange rate announced yesterday by the central bank. The Swiss currency opened the week at RON 4.26 value.

Gold has become more expensive on Friday from RON 150.6688/gram previously, at RON 151.7025/gram.

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