Romania, among the EU states with negative annual inflation rate in September

The annual inflation rate in the European Union and in the eurozone climbed to 0.4% in September, up from 0.3 and 0.2% in previous months, Eurostat informs.

The countries which registered the highest yearly inflation rate in September were: Belgium (1,8%), Estonia (1,7%) and Austria (1,1%), whereas the countries with negative inflation rates were Bulgaria (minus 1,1%), Croatia (minus 0,7%), Slovakia (minus 0,5%), Cyprus (minus 0,4%), Denmark and Ireland (both with minus 0,3%), Poland (minus 0,2%), Romania, the Netherlands and Greece (all with minus 0,1%).

In the eurozone, the most important impact on price increases came from restaurants and coffee shops (up by 0.08%), rents and tobacco (both up by 0.05%). At the opposite side were fuels for transportation (minus 0.12%), natural gas – minus 0.11%) and fuels for heating (minus 0.10%), the same source informs.

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