Romania would have paid USD 3.5bn if forced to import oil and gas in 2016

Romania would have had to pay USD 3.5 billion last year if it had been forced to import the equivalent of domestic oil and gas production, Harald Kraft, president of the Romanian Petroleum Exploration and Production Companies Association (ROPEPCA), has said in a press conference on Thursday.

“We are used to restrict the free market in the energy sector and to do everything through constrain. This is not a step towards the energy future. We have almost 28,000 employees, with well paid jobs. The oil industry has paid more than EUR1 billion per year to the state budget. Had Romania been forced to import the domestic production in 2016, it would have paid over USD 3.5 billion, so we can see the impact on the import and export chain. The oil output is very important for Romania. I hope we will have a future in Romania,” Kraft said.

He specified that domestic production covers 100% of domestic consumption.

“Unfortunately, I believe this is not properly appreciated by the public and by the political class. The parliament has decided that 80% of natural gas will be overcharged. Fortunately, Mr. President Klaus Iohannis has sent the bill back to parliament. Such things happen only in Romania, not in Europe,” the ROPEPCA representative said.

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