Romania’s corn production – lower by 40 pc due to drought

Romania’s corn production will fall this year by about 35-40% due to drought, to about 7 million tons from 11 million tons last year, given that up to November 10, 2015 the harvested area exceeded 98% of the total surface with only 6.97 million tons, according to data centralized by the Ministry of Agriculture sent to Agerpres.
According to the ministry, the harvest of 6.922 million tons of corn registered an average of 2.9 tons per hectare. To this quantity a further one of 54,701 tonnes of maize obtained on 17,168 hectares (94.44% of total) is to be added. On this surface average production was slightly higher, of 3.1 tons. Romania’s internal consumption of maize amounts to 4.5 million tonnes.

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