Nordis Group announces changes in the shareholding structure: Two of the Top Executives became Shareholders

Nordis Group, the real estate developer of premium hotel and residential projects in Romania, expands the number of shareholders from 4 to 6, thus, recognizing the efforts and accomplishments of two of the top executives who have significantly contributed to the company’s growth in recent years.

Daniel Penciuc, Strategy and Communication Director, and Florin Poștoacă, Sales Director, now each owns 5% of Nordis Management, the flagship company of the real estate group, founded 14 years ago with 100% Romanian capital.

With ongoing investments of 424.5 million Euros, Nordis Group encompasses 7 entities: Nordis Development, Nordis Construct, Nordis Architecture, Nordis Hotels, Nobileo (member of Nordis Group), Nordis Travel and Nordis Property Management.

Currently, Nordis Group has 4 projects underway for Nordis Mamaia, Nordis Sinaia and Nordis Brașov hotel and residential complexes, as well as for Nordis View residential building in Bucharest. Nordis Group aims to become the number one 5-star hotel chain in Romania, in the leisure segment.

“We have two exceptional managers in the team, who have contributed significantly to the success of Nordis Group and, now, I am glad that they will join me as partners. We are a group of companies with big plans, and we expect the highest level of proficiency from our team, including competence, determination, hard work, and exceptional results. Offering recognition to our best performing colleagues, for their results and involvement, comes as a normal decision within our company“, says Emanuel Poștoacă, Founder of Nordis Group.

Daniel Penciuc (aged 42) has a BA in journalism and communication at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iași. He has been the recipient of a 1-year scholarship to the prestigious New York University, in the United States, and has over 20 years of communication experience.

Over time, he has developed and contributed to the development of several businesses in the field of advertising (Adfactory, a 20-year old agency), olfactory design and branding (QULT), as well as HoReCa (Time Out Iasi), fashion (DRESSBOX), businesses from which he made successful exits.

In 2013, Daniel moved to Bucharest and became an investor in one of the Nordis buildings located in the northern part of the Capital. Later, in 2019, Daniel took over, as external consultant ,the responsibility of developing Nordis Mamaia project concept. He then extended his scope of work with developing the strategy for the whole group and creating and implementing the marketing strategy for Nordis Group.

My involvement in Nordis Group is a combination of factors, decisions and teamwork results. We have also developed a design in line with international standards in the 5-star hotel industry and adapted to the local market. And together with the team we have managed to become one of the most well-known developers in Romania. In the future, I intend to contribute to an even more accelerated development of the group to achieve what we set out to do: to be the number one 5-star hotel chain in Romania, in the leisure segment. This means that, first, we have to finalise the delivery of the projects we have underway, without compromising on quality, while identifying new development opportunities. The challenge is to target excellent locations and a high standard, both in terms of construction and facilities that we offer”, says Daniel Penciuc, Partner, Nordis Group.

With a BA in Marketing and an MA in marketing research, at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Florin Poștoacă (aged 35), has been working in real estate since college.

He started by posting real estate rental and sales ads on a national profile site, continued as a real estate agent in the northern part of the Capital, then worked in property management, for later to become project manager for real estate projects.

During his career, Florin has been in charge of real estate development for three major projects in the northern area of the Capital. He now heads the Nordis Group sales department, all previous experience being put to the service of the exceptional results of today.

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by real estate, with all its related aspects. Real estate requires extensive lateral knowledge from legal, technical and construction, to marketing, architecture, design, and customer service. But integrity is what truly characterizes me, as no matter the circumstances, I always stick to the promises I make. Therefore, many of our current clients, those who have chosen to invest in the 4 ongoing premium projects of the Nordis Group, are some of our oldest most loyal clients, since 2010, whom we have guided to make profitable investments over time“, explains, in his turn, Florin Poștoacă, Partner, Nordis Group.

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