Nuclearelectrica Branch Acquires Assets from the National Uranium Company for Over EUR 3 M

The Ministry of Energy announced on Tuesday that, within an auction organized by the judicial administrator of the National Uranium Company, which is in insolvency, the Uranium Concentrate Processing Factory acquired the assets related to the technological flow of Plant R in Feldioara, thus completing the Romanian integrated nuclear circuit.

“The package of assets includes land, buildings and special constructions, technological equipment, measurement, control and regulation devices and installations, means of transport, technical installations and machines, fixed assets of the nature of inventory items, furniture and office equipment, and stocks, and was purchased at the price of 3,286,354 euros, excluding VAT,” the Ministry announces.

According to the data transmitted in the press release, out of the total auction price of 17,513,852.27 lei, the winning bidder paid the amount of 1,634,172.39 lei into the account of the National Uranium Company SA, as a participation guarantee for the auction, which, according to the Regulation for the public auction sale of assets from the debtor’s assets, is converted into an advance. The winning bidder has the obligation to pay the price difference of 15,879,679.88 lei until January 4, 2024.

The auction was organized by a consortium formed by Expert Insolvency SPRL Bucharest Branch and Aktiv-Lex Insolvency SPRL.

Earlier, in December 2022, the National Uranium Company completed the transaction regarding the technological flow of Plant R in Feldioara.

I am pleased to see that this transaction has been concluded. I requested the urgent completion of the transaction to recover the integrated nuclear circuit within a strong and strategic operator, Nuclearelectrica SA. Today’s transaction is a significant step towards ensuring nuclear and energy security in Romania. Romania’s projects in the civil nuclear field are ambitious and demonstrate the Romanian state’s commitment to an affordable, environmentally safe energy source capable of providing conditions for economic development as a source of continuous energy production. At this moment, all technological processes, from uranium mining to processing, refining, and transformation into nuclear fuel, as well as its exploitation at the Cernavodă power plant, can be carried out within SNN. This vision is necessary for the accelerated development of the Romanian civil nuclear program, an objective that I have assumed since taking office,” said the Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja.

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